“Sikh Scholars Refute McLeod’s Misrepresentation of Sikh Religion” in 1988

“Sikh Scholars Refute McLeod’s Misrepresentation of Sikh Religion” in 1988

But McLeod and his controversial followers continue to spread lies.



A galaxy of Sikh luminaries, scholars and historians from Punjab, England, and the United States, participating in a conference on Sikh Studies, have criticized, condemned and refuted Dr. Hew McLeod’s baseless, irrational, biased, prejudiced, distorted versions, aspersions and misrepresentations of the Sikh religion, history and culture.
The Conference was sponsored by the Sikh Community of North America and was held at the Cal State University campus, Long Beach on December 10 to clarify misinterpretations of Sikh religion by some Western authors. Over 200 people evinced keen interest in its deliberations all the day from 8:30 am to 9 pm.
McLeod, a New Zealander, had worked as a lecturer in a Christian college in Bata in Punjab many years back. There he came under the influence of some misinformed persons to distort the Sikh history. McLeod, 63, now lives in the U.S. near Chicago. He was invited to participate in the conference but he did not respond.
In his welcome and introductory remarks, Dr. Hakam Singh, a well=known research scientist-cum Sikh scholar of So. California, said that since Sikhism was the youngest major religion in the world, it was expected its history would be free from myths and misconceptions but, unfortunately, it was not the case. He expressed hope that facts would be carefully sifted and separated from myths and misconceptions.
Sardar Daljit Singh, belonging to the Indian Administrative Service, who retired as Secretary of Education in Punjab, spelt out salient features and comparative study of Sikhism.
Speaking on the authenticity of the Kartarpuri Bir, he said we all know the original Bir of Adi Granth prepared by Guru Arjan Dev, the fifth Guru, is at Kartarpur. But McLeod threw doubt on its originality and wrote that the Banno Bir was original and Kartarpuri Bir a shortened copy. He said McLeod had made these baseless assertions without examining neither the Kartarpuri Bir nor the Banno Bir, nor studying the related literature.
Dr. James R. Lewis, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Appalachain State Univeristy, Boone, North Carolina, who was also chaired a session, speaking on misrepresentations of Sikhism in world religion text books, said the Sikh tradition was usually dealt with so superficially that errors of fact often appear in such works. Beyond carless errors that he said, were the result of shallow scholarship, the majority of these treatments misrepresented the Sikh religion.
Speaking on the Guruship and succession of Guru Granth Sahib, Dr. Madanjit Kaur, Head Dept. of Guru Nanak Studies, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, said that McLeod’s views posed a serious threat to the historical authenticity of the events related to the religious history of the Sikhs and by rejecting the tradition of the vesting of the authority of guruship in the holy scripture, Guru Granth Sahib.
She said McLeod was neither familiar with the social process of the evaluation of Sikhism nor he cared for the nature of Sikh ethos.
Speaking on the founding of the Khalsa and the prescribing of the Sikh symbols, she forcefully refuted the false contention and aspirations of McLeod.
Speaking on the ‘value and importance of Janamsakhis’ Dr. S.S. Kohli, former Dean of Punjab University, Chandigarh said that the critics of Janamsakhis like McLeod faltered because of their lack of knowledge and also due to their pre-determined notions.
The criteria applied by McLeod to the episodes of Janamsakhis, he said, has been so designed as to reject the accounts on one pretext or the other.
Dr. Noel King, Professor of History and Comparative Religions, University of California, Santa Cruz, who chaired the first session, said he was collecting facts and opinions about world-wide Sikhism for making the historical and religious material available to posterity and to scholars.
He said McLeod, who has an unpronounceable name, has lost his faith.
Dr. King admired the valor, sincerity, intelligence and resourcefulness of the Sikhs.
Speaking on ‘Sikh Rahat Maryada and Sikh Symbols’, Dr. Gobind Singh Mansukhani the well known author of many books on Sikhism from London, said the practice observance of the disciplined way of life is essential.
He also criticized McLeod and refuted his obnoxious writings about the Sikh way of life and the Sikh symbols.


Controversial Gurinder Mann of Global Institute of Sikh Studies Donor of Rutgers University “Retired” Before Action of Sexual Misconduct

UC sexual misconduct files show professors resigned, retired

At UC Santa Barbara, the school said, a professor accused of sexual harassment left before the formal disciplinary process was completed in August 2013. A 2013 university investigation substantiated sexual harassment claims against Gurinder Singh Mann brought by a female student who accused him of inviting her to his home to discuss research, then urging her to lie beside him in bed and putting a hand up her shirt.

According to the investigation, other students stepped forward to say the Sikh Studies scholar had tried to kiss them, slapped their rears, invited them to his home and couched his behavior in cultural terms as an enlightened guru caring for his disciples.

Mann told investigators the sexual harassment allegations were an “utter falsehood” that stemmed from cultural misunderstandings. He said he was simply showing affection toward promising students. “I have made peace with myself that we live in complicated times, and I am a simple person who tried to help whoever came my way,” Mann told the AP. The school website lists him as retired.

Gurinder Mann’s so-called institute the “Global Institute of Sikh Studies” has “donated” to Rutgers University.  Who are the patrons, donors, advisers of this group?  Why did Gurinder Mann “retire”?” What is Ami P. Shah’s position at Rutgers University who is getting funds from the “”institute?””


Community reacts to release of documents showing 124 cases of sex misconduct including of controversial Gurinder Mann

“Gurinder Singh Mann, a former professor of Sikh studies at UC Santa Barbara, was accused of sexual harassment in 2013 by a female student, who alleged that the professor asked her to lie on his bed and then put his hand under her shirt, according to the Title IX report.”


The Sikh community does not want a guilty Professor who runs a one man institution under the guise of the “Global Institute of Sikh Studies” to try to get teaching positions for his students at Universities, such as those at Rutgers University.

The community has reacted, written letters to the Universities, and spoken to them individually.  Other steps can also be taken.  Protests can take place, petitions can be signed, and many other steps can be taken.


Gurinder Mann Guilty of Abuse

Gurinder Mann Guilty of Abuse at UC Santa Barbara.  He is trying for his students to get positions at Universities across the country under his group the GISS, or Global Institute of Sikh Studies.  He is trying for his student Ami P. Shah at Rutgers University.  He is a controversial McLeodian student.



Controversy over Sikh Studies Chairs in Universities in North America

There has been controversy over Sikh Studies Chairs in North America.  So-called Professors like WH Hew McLeod, Paushara, Gurinder Mann, Harjit Oberoi, Doris Jacobsh, Ami P. Shah, & some more are controversial.


Universities like Rutgers University, Loroyola Mount University, should be aware of the controversial Global Institute of Sikh Studies which is a front by the controversial Gurinder Mann.


More Protests Against McLeodian “Sikh” Studies Chairs

Recently a so-called “Chair” who was once again working against the interest of Sikhs faced a protest.  This chair faced protests as it was holding a seminar and was going to disrespect the Sikh turban. This was at Loyola Marymount University.

Other universities like Rutgers University should also be made aware of the controversy of the Chairs.  Other professors like Gurinder Mann, Ami P. Shah are also controversial.

No Response by Rutgers University To Open Letter Re Funds From Gurinder Mann Abuser

There has been no response to this letter:


Open Letter to the Rutgers University Religion Department:

Tia M. Kolbaba, Chair
Associate Professor

Edwin F. Bryant

D. Christian Lammerts

Jawid Mojaddedi
 & All Other Concerned Members
To accept funds from an newly formed organization that is headed by someone who is known to be a sexual abuser is very questionable.  It is easy to be manipulated or convinced by people the reason donations are made to a University.  In the past by many different universities, funds have been rejected for various reasons.  Please see the news of UC Irvine:
Questions are to be asked which many don’t know the answers to.  Why would a Professor move from Columbia University in NY, to UC Santa Barbara in California?  Why does a class take place at Rutgers University in 2012, but then starts again in 2017?  Who were the donors then? Who are the donors now? How can donors be properly vetted?
Please ask these questions and answer them to tax payers, citizens, students, alumni, etc.
With kind regards,