Controversial Appointments for Sikh Spaces for VC’s, Sikh Studies Chairs, Chairs of Institutes

No one is aware why some people who are controversial because they speak up against Sikhs being an independent people, and downplay the independence, uniqueness, & sovereignty of Sikhi, Gurbani, the Sikh Faith and Revolution are then appointed as Vice-Chancellors of Universities. Sometimes these controversial people are appointed Chair of Institutes, think-tanks, etc. This happened again today on 02/17/2021.

This is not academic.

How are people who speak out against the Sikh Sangat, Panth, Gurbani, and the Guru Granth Sahib rewarded?

Harbhej Kamboj

Full Name: Harbhej S Kamboj , Alias: Harbhej Singh, Harbhej Judge

Date: 11/07/2017

Total bond: $5000

Gender Male:

Residence: 208 S Columbia Avenue, Lodi, NJ 07644

Harbhej Kamboj Criminal Record in the State of Georgia

Beware of Harbhej Kamboj money swindler involved in money laundering, immigration fraud, demolition business without a permit, fake business schemes, fake marriages for immigration.

Harbhej Kamboj Mugshot

Full Name: Harbhej S Kamboj , Alias: Harbhej Singh, Harbhej Judge

Date: 11/07/2017

Total bond: $5000

Gender Male:

Residence: 208 S Columbia Avenue, Lodi, NJ 07644

Harbhej Kamboj Criminal Record in the State of Georgia

Beware of Harbhej Kamboj money swindler involved in money laundering, immigration fraud, demolition business without a permit, fake business schemes, fake marriages for immigration.

#MeTooSikh Gurinder Mann Sexual Abuser Guilty

Call for Allies against the Head of the of so-called ‘Global Institute of Sikh Studies’ GISS Gurinder Mann guilty of abuse.


Academic Sexual Misconduct Database

Institution: University of California – Santa Barbara

Role: Faculty

Position: Professor

Discipline: Social and Behavioral Sciences, Anthropology

Specific Discipline: Anthropology

Outcome Year: 2017

Outcome Category: Retired

Specific Outcome: Violated sexual harassment policy, consequences unknown, retired and remains guest lecturer at Universities like Rutgers in New Jersey. Heads a so-called ‘GISS’

When a female student visited Gurinder Singh Mann’s house for a research project meeting, he allegedly made inappropriate advances toward her, touched her inappropriately and verbally harassed her, according to a Title IX investigation. The complainant alleged that Mann had invited her to his bedroom and asked her to lie down on the bed. He also allegedly held her hands, telling her “she was his only friend,” touched her neck and chest near the collarbone, and put his hand under her shirt to touch her stomach. On multiple occasions, he rubbed her arms, shoulders and thighs, according to a report prepared by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Sexual Harassment/Title IX Compliance. The report stated that other witnesses described instances of sexual harassment in which Mann allegedly tried to kiss women and “slapped (their) asses.” Mann denied many of the allegations and said there was a cultural misunderstanding, as he regards his students as his children. Nevertheless, the claims of sexual harassment were all substantiated. Mann remained a professor until his retirement in 2015.

Petition: Demand Gurinder Mann and his G.I.S.S. Publicly Address Why They Knowingly Molested Young People

Gurinder Mann of U.C. SB Donor to Rutgers University

A few years ago, Gurinder Mann was exposed to molest young students at UC Santa Barbara. Who is Gurinder Mann? Gurinder Mann was a Professor at UC Santa Barbara and of the Kundan Kaur Kapany Chair of Sikh Studies at UC Santa Barbara. Documents show that survivors spoke out about Gurinder Mann inviting them to his home and molesting them. These documents were exposed at UC Santa Barbara and also seen in local news sites and papers. Gurinder Mann now heads a group he started called the Global Institute of Sikh Studies, or G.I.S.S. He tries to donate to universities such as Rutgers University in New Jersey to get his students teaching positions. The survivors have spoken out and Gurinder Mann moved from California to New York so he could get away with his deeds.

He has not even apologized yet and took advantage of his power. Gurinder Mann needs to publicly address this involvement.

Boycott Gurinder Mann and all of his groups. He should also apologize and step down from all of his groups.

Narrative in the Gurinder Mann UCSB Rutgers Case

Narrative in the Gurinder Mann UC Santa Barbara Rutgers Case

This is a narrative of the case of Gurinder Mann, an Academic and College Professor at UC Santa Barbara in California, funded by the Kapany Professor of Sikh Studies:

The Title IX office received a complaint in May 2013 from a female student alleging that Mann acted inappropriately with sexual conduct, both verbal and physical, during a research discussion meeting at Mann’s home.

Mann retired in 2015 but was a professor at the time of the investigation, which began in May 2013.

According to the documents, the female complainant said Mann asked her to sit on his bed with him and proceeded to lay beside her. While sitting on the bed, Mann allegedly touched her neck and chest around the area of her collarbone.

She said he inserted his hand inside her shirt, touched her stomach and put his face near to hers. When she confronted him, he responded that “he’s not a dirty old man, that, for him, what he had done was just like petting his cat.”

The student later wrote an email to Mann saying, “this really was extremely uncomfortable for me, I still have nightmares about it.” She also alleged that Mann, on several occasions, would rub her arm, shoulder and thigh.”

Gurinder Mann UCSB – A Predator in the North American Sikh Community

As Sikhs, we are raised with the belief in speaking to power and standing up for what is right even when it is overwhelmingly hard to. Part of that responsibility is being able to have difficult conversations when it comes to ugly realities that infiltrate Sikh institutions and spaces, having conversations about them, and dealing with them head-on to purge them.

Gurinder Mann is a “retired” college Professor from UC Santa Barbara.  As Professor he taught children and college students.  He now has moved to the East Coast and heads the GISS, or the so-called ‘Global Institute of Sikh Studies.’  Universities found that he is a sexual abuser of students and abused students as College Professor. 





We understand that such allegations can be dangerous if not proven, but Gurinder Mann being involved in sexual abuse is open-knowledge and accessible.  We will be quoting solely from the University news article:

“A 2013 university investigation substantiated sexual harassment claims against Gurinder Singh Mann brought by a female student who accused him of inviting her to his home to discuss research, then urging her to lie beside him in bed and putting a hand up her shirt. 

According to the investigation, other students stepped forward to say the Sikh Studies scholar had tried to kiss them, slapped their rears, invited them to his home and couched his behavior in cultural terms as an enlightened guru caring for his disciples. 

Mann told investigators the sexual harassment allegations were an “utter falsehood” that stemmed from cultural misunderstandings. He said he was simply showing affection toward promising students. “I have made peace with myself that we live in complicated times, and I am a simple person who tried to help whoever came my way,” Mann told the AP. The school website lists him as retired. “

Many have justified this with “well he retired so it is fine” – we would like to point out that what the University standards designates as legal punishment for a crime is not the sole standard by which the Sikh panth and sangat should treat it. The Sikhi we believe in is one that stands for unapologetic justice and absolutely no space for sexual violence.

Gurinder Mann still heads the group he founded called ‘GISS’ or Global Institute of Sikh Studies, and is attempting to setup Study Chairs for his students and himself.  One of these is included in Rutgers University, in New Jersey.

We hope that the Sikh Sangat, and particularly those involved in Academia and funding can start internal discussion on removing Gurinder mann from positions of authority in the groups he heads.  We also hope academic institutions take the same steps.



Controversial Global Institute of Sikh Studies Under Fire for Misconduct of Gurinder Mann

Controversial Global Institute of Sikh Studies Under Fire for Misconduct of Gurinder Mann



Controversial Global Institute of Sikh Studies Under Fire for Misconduct of Gurinder Mann

Gurinder “Singh” Mann of the so-called “Global Institute of Sikh Studies” is Under Fire.  He has been exposed repeatedly.

The GISS gets funds through manipulation.  They are a fraud.

His student Ami P. Shah who has manipulated Rutgers University is also a fraud.

Sikh bodies object Punjabi University’s call to controversial McLeodian “Scholar” at Conference

Sikh bodies object Punjabi University’s call to controversia ..


PATIALA: Sikh bodies have raised objections against the Punjabi University  authorities for inviting a controversial McLeodian “scholar” at three-day international history conference commemorating 550th Parkash Purb of Guru Nanak Sahib.

The university’s department of history is organizing 7th South Asian History Conference (SAHC) on Trade, Trade routes and Travels in South Asia (commemorating 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev) from November 22 to 24 at university’s senate hall.

The Sikh bodies claimed that the McLeodian scholar Paushura Singh had landed in controversy after he questioned the authenticity of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and the travels of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji.


Controversial Ami P. Shah Responded To Academically by Prof Kulwant Singh

One controversial “academic” Ami P. Shah, who received her PhD under the Academic supervision of the controversial Gurinder Mann of UC Santa Barbara (who himself is under investigation for sexual abuse) has written some very false information in her work on the Sri Gursobha text.  She was academically responded to by Prof. Kulwant Singh, an academic of the Institute of Sikh Studies.  Ami P. Shah has only been given teaching positions at the controversial Rutgers University through paid courses by members of the community who have been manipulated to do service of the community.

The academic Kulwant Singh writes:

“However, Professor Gurinder Singh Mann, University of California Santa Barbara, disagrees with the composition year of 1711 because he believes, ‘The appearance of the date 1701 with the invocation of Sri Gursobha needs to be taken into serious consideration.  Its presence at the opening of the text could imply that the poet began writing in 1701 and continue to work on the text until late 1708.’ Based on his study of the extant manuscripts of this composition and the evidence lying therein as well as the complete absence of any post 1708 development such as the rising of Banda Singh Bahadur in the Sri Gursobha text, Mann believes that the year 1711 is rather late for this composition.  Thus, he is in favor of taking 1708 as the possible date of composition of this text.  Ami Praful Shah of the same University also endorses Prof Mann’s formulation when she writes: ‘However, when the Sri Gursobha is examined in light of manuscript eidence, the invocation date itself provides, and the substance of its narrative, it becomes evident that Sainapati was writing within the contemporary presence of the Guru an the living institution of his court.’  Keping in view this latest finding based on Prof Mann’s argument about manuscript evidence and Sri Gursobha’s textual silence abou any post 1708 (the year of Sri Guru Gobind Singh’s demise) development, it is sensible to place the year of this compostion around 1708, the time gap between 1708 and 1711 being too small notwithstanding.  Another plausible reason for taking the year of composition as 1711 is the tone, tenor and stance of the poet in composing the lat two chapters of Sri Gursobha.  After reading these two chapters, it appears as if the poet may have composed these two chapters after the demise of Sri Guru Gobind Singh, and completed it around 1711. ”


Gurinder Mann has also been responded to academically many times and still continues not to accept the truth.