More Speakers Not Attending Controversial WH McLeod and Pashaura Conference

There is more recent news that other invited speakers are not attending the conference in California titled “Living and Making Sikhi in the Diaspora: The Millennial Generation Comes of Age”.

There is a need for dialogue, and not things to be shoved underneath the carpet.  Who was the controversial WH McLeod?  Did Hew McLeod influence Dr. Pashaura Ji?

There are other groups and organizations still attending this conference.  Obviously no one can be forced to boycott, but there is a need for Sangat to be informed, and nothing to be brushed off.  Whether this dialogue occurs between Dr. Pashaura, Dr. Gurmohan Singh Walia, and other organizations, it need to be in the open. Some organizations also have academics that sit on their own board as well. Why has there been a controversy in the past over such academic research?

Someone's Views on Dr. Pashaura, a follower of the controversial WH McLeod

The sangat just needs to know that there has been opposition to Hew McLeod, Dr. Pashaura Ji, and the likes.


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