Sikh Studies in University of California-Irvine – Controversial Chair or Not?

There is recent news that a generous person Harvinder Sahota has donated $1.5 Million to University of California-Irvine.  It is also noted that the department will be named after Sahota’s mother, Bibi Dhan Kaur Sahota.  There are some questions to ask about the Sikh Studies Chairs in the US, and how they have been controversial. It is important that readers know the history of these chairs, and have a balanced approach.  Readers can also see previous posts on the Sikh Study Chairs on this website.

Who will the University appoint as a Professor?  Will that Professor be controversial?

What will be the syllabus of that course?  Who will the authors be contained in those readings?

Will the Sikh studies course be core to the mainstream Sikh philosophy?  Will it present the Sikh Gurus from Guru Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh with the same jot, as contained in Sikh ideology?

There are many questions to be asked.

The University should definitely be aware of this.  We appeal the University of California – Irvine , and its concerned Department, or Religion Department to be aware of all issues and all sides by concerned academics.

Will Western Academics "Discover Sikhism" Do Sikhs need to be "Discovered" by the West?

Will Western Academics “Discover Sikhism” Do Sikhs need to be “Discovered” by the West?


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