Were the Controversial WH McLeod’s Writings Based on Research or Evidence?

Are we to assume that the controversial Hew McLeod’s writings and books were based on any evidence and research that he did?  Was he a scientist, a historian, a theologian, a mathematician, and a person who could go back into time?  Well obviously his followers say his findings are based on history, as he was a historian. But does that mean he is always correct?  Can any of his followers admit he made mistakes?

Do we have an inferiority complex as people from the East to think that Western methodologies are superior?  Just because someone does not come from a specific background, does that make them unbiased?  Actually does that give them any bias?


This documentary tries to show the controversial McLeod from his perspective:

But what about the other perspective?














Will Western Academics “Discover Sikhism” Do Sikhs need to be “Discovered” by the West?




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