Sikh Education in Western Countries and The Controversy Over WH Hew McLeod

Recently a person by the name of ‘Avtaar Singh’ wrote an Editorial titled, ‘Sikh Education in Western Countries.’  This Editorial was found in places including the North American Sikh Review of the January 2016 edition.  Sikh Education is not controversial, but when approached from a certain perspective it can be, and this can include the controversial WH McLeod.

This editorial spoke of “suitable Sikh academic programs and chairs for Sikh studies at several universities.”  It took a very one sided approach of these academic programs and Sikh study chairs.  It mentioned a few Sikh study chairs by name, and also mentioned a few personalities by name.  Some personalities were academics themselves, involved in chairs, and others were not academics.

We must all be aware of another perspective as well.

Are Controversial Sikh Chairs Serving Our Interest?

There has also been controversy in Sikh academic chairs, and people should be aware of it.






Will Western Academics “Discover Sikhism” Do Sikhs need to be “Discovered” by the West?





Someone’s Views on Dr. Pashaura, a follower of the controversial WH McLeod


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