The Controversial WH McLeod and the Controversy Over Academic Chairs

Who was the controversial WH Hew McLeod?  Was he a historian? An Academic? A scholar? Was he not a theologian? Is that possible?

Let’s see what he had to say:

But are we to believe it?



Will Western Academics “Discover Sikhism” Do Sikhs need to be “Discovered” by the West?

We can also read academic works:

We can also listen to different academics:

Who were the controversial WH Hew McLeod’s followers?

What else must we know?

The Guru and Gurbani is the most important when doing this sort of research.

Western academics HAVE responded to the controversy of WH Hew McLeod:

It is important to read the responses within academia.



How much does it take to establish a chair at a University? What is the role of the university, the academic, the donor, the community, the taxpayers, etc.?

These are all questions that require transparency.

Many ask for education of Sikhs. Many times these are valid issues and ideas.  We would definately have to do more research on these.

Are Controversial Sikh Studies Chairs Serving Our Interest?

Some Contest Controversial Chair

These are issues that require much attention.


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