Open Letter to Rutgers University New Brunswick Religion Department

Open Letter to the Rutgers University Religion Department:

Tia M. Kolbaba, Chair
Associate Professor

Edwin F. Bryant

D. Christian Lammerts

Jawid Mojaddedi
 & All Other Concerned Members

To accept funds from an newly formed organization that is headed by someone who is known to be a sexual abuser is very questionable.  It is easy to be manipulated or convinced by people the reason donations are made to a University.  In the past by many different universities, funds have been rejected for various reasons.  Please see the news of UC Irvine:
Questions are to be asked which many don’t know the answers to.  Why would a Professor move from Columbia University in NY, to UC Santa Barbara in California?  Why does a class take place at Rutgers University in 2012, but then starts again in 2017?  Who were the donors then? Who are the donors now? How can donors be properly vetted?
Please ask these questions and answer them to tax payers, citizens, students, alumni, etc.
With kind regards,

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