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Community reacts to release of documents showing 124 cases of sex misconduct including of controversial Gurinder Mann

“Gurinder Singh Mann, a former professor of Sikh studies at UC Santa Barbara, was accused of sexual harassment in 2013 by a female student, who alleged that the professor asked her to lie on his bed and then put his hand under her shirt, according to the Title IX report.”


The Sikh community does not want a guilty Professor who runs a one man institution under the guise of the “Global Institute of Sikh Studies” to try to get teaching positions for his students at Universities, such as those at Rutgers University.

The community has reacted, written letters to the Universities, and spoken to them individually.  Other steps can also be taken.  Protests can take place, petitions can be signed, and many other steps can be taken.



Gurinder Mann Guilty of Abuse

Gurinder Mann Guilty of Abuse at UC Santa Barbara.  He is trying for his students to get positions at Universities across the country under his group the GISS, or Global Institute of Sikh Studies.  He is trying for his student Ami P. Shah at Rutgers University.  He is a controversial McLeodian student.



More Protests Against McLeodian “Sikh” Studies Chairs

Recently a so-called “Chair” who was once again working against the interest of Sikhs faced a protest.  This chair faced protests as it was holding a seminar and was going to disrespect the Sikh turban. This was at Loyola Marymount University.

Other universities like Rutgers University should also be made aware of the controversy of the Chairs.  Other professors like Gurinder Mann, Ami P. Shah are also controversial.

Controversial Ami P. Shah now Teaching at Rutgers University in New Jersey


The Controversial Ami P. Shah, student of Gurinder Mann is now teaching at Rutgers University in New Jersey.  Students please be aware. Gurinder Mann had to “retire” from UC Santa Barbara, but for what reasons? Please be aware, to Rutgers University and it’s students.