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Controversial professor Gurinder Mann left university under cloud of sexual harassment

Sikh Studies professor left university under cloud of sexual harassment

Among the numerous confidential files released in late February and early March by the University of California to the Associated Press and other news organizations was the 2013 investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against Gurinder Mann, the Kundan Kaur Kapany Professor of Sikh Studies at UC Santa Barbara.

The university concluded that Mann created a hostile educational environment due to verbal and physical harassment of his female student at his home, and that he had behaved sexually inappropriately with many students for many years with some claiming assault.

Department faculty heads had known about these complaints and did nothing, witnesses said. His students said they were expected to be his chelas, or disciples, and Mann their guru. Mann told university investigators that he also had learned at the feet of his gurus and also sat with them on their beds.

Mann cannot be a Sikh because he followed cult leaders known in India as gurus, sants, babas or yogis.

Mann retired in 2015 and began his own Sikh studies program in New York



Gurinder Mann Found Guilty of Sexual Harrasment & His Student Ami P. Shah Teaching At Rutgers

Gurinder Mann Found Guilty of Sexual Harrasment

His Student Ami P. Shah Teaching At Rutgers

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Controversial Gurinder Mann & Ami P. Shah at Controversial Rutgers University Sikh Studies

UC Santa Barbara finds Gurinder Mann Guilty of Sexual Abuse. Sexual Abuser Gurinder Mann’s brand new “Foundation” the so-called “Global Institute of Sikh Studies” “donated” or “bribed” to Rutgers University some amount which the public does not know to get his student Ami P. Shah a position in Sikh Studies at Rutgers.  How much was donated? What is this new GISS? Who are the “donors?” Should a University take funds in the name of a Sexual Abuser? What is the controversy? IMG_4642

W.H. McLeod


Will Western Academics “Discover Sikhism” Do Sikhs need to be “Discovered” by the West?

William Hewat “Hew” McLeod (2 August 1932 – 20 July 2009) was a New Zealand controversial scholar who wrote false about Sikh history and culture. He produced many inaccurate and nonfactual books on what he called Sikhs.








Who Was the Controversial WH Hew McLeod? Who Are His Followers?

Who Was the Controversial WH Hew McLeod? Who Are His Followers?


Whether it is Paushara, Harjot Oberoi, Gurinder Mann, Anne Murphy, Ami P. Shah, Doris Jacobsh, Louis Fenech, the list goes on…

What are these “Sikh Studies Chairs” at Academic Universities?


Sikh Studies in University of California-Irvine – Controversial Chair or Not?

There is recent news that a generous person Harvinder Sahota has donated $1.5 Million to University of California-Irvine.  It is also noted that the department will be named after Sahota’s mother, Bibi Dhan Kaur Sahota.  There are some questions to ask about the Sikh Studies Chairs in the US, and how they have been controversial. It is important that readers know the history of these chairs, and have a balanced approach.  Readers can also see previous posts on the Sikh Study Chairs on this website.

Who will the University appoint as a Professor?  Will that Professor be controversial?

What will be the syllabus of that course?  Who will the authors be contained in those readings?

Will the Sikh studies course be core to the mainstream Sikh philosophy?  Will it present the Sikh Gurus from Guru Nanak Sahib to Guru Gobind Singh with the same jot, as contained in Sikh ideology?

There are many questions to be asked.

The University should definitely be aware of this.  We appeal the University of California – Irvine , and its concerned Department, or Religion Department to be aware of all issues and all sides by concerned academics.

Will Western Academics "Discover Sikhism" Do Sikhs need to be "Discovered" by the West?

Will Western Academics “Discover Sikhism” Do Sikhs need to be “Discovered” by the West?